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What is Phytase enzymes, Could you kindly let me know ?

  Regarding to Phytase enzyme, It is all-purpose in many industrial. Today , I will introduce it total ,when you read this article Any future question please feel free to contact


Phytase - An enzyme that breaks down the undigestable phytic acid (phytate) portion in grains and oil seeds; thereby, releasing digestible phosphorus and calcium for the animals.


·Studies have indicated that the inclusion of phytase in swine diets has increased the availability of phytase phosphorus in a corn-soy diet from approximately 15% to 45%.

· Feeding of phytase will increase trace mineral absorption and it also has the potential to increase amino acid digestibility.

· With the recommended phytase inclusion level, the phytase addition will not increase the cost of the diet.

· Phytase addition to swine diets will reduce the amount of phosphorus in the manure. The amount of reduction will depend on diet type, inclusion rate of phytase, degree of replacement of inorganic phosphorus, and the dietary phosphorus relative to the animal needs.

·As a general rule, the amount of phosphorus reduction in the diet will cause a similar phosphorus reduction in the manure.

·With the reduction of phosphorus in the manure, less land would be required for manure application while still maintaining the appropriate dietary phosphorus requirement of the pig.

Use and Storage :

· Sensitive to the presence of moisture and high temperature.

· Stored in a dark, cool, and dry area. Check label of the product for proper storage and length of shelf life.

· If phytase is contained within a commercial supplement or pre-mix product, follow the recommended storage method and review the label for phytase stability

· Because of the heat and moisture associated with pelleting, enzymes are destroyed; therefore, the phytase stability in pelleted diets should be considered. Consequently, when phytase is added to a pelleted diet, spraying a liquid phytase product onto the cooled pellet will allow stability of the phytase.



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