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Somebody ask what is Lipase enzyme ,the Usage of Lipase .

Some industry tell us that we do not anything about enzyme –Lipase Enzyme . In fact, now, the enzyme will take place of chemical additive to adding the animal feed. It is green additive . please read the article , then you will know what is lipase enzyme . Any future question please feel free to contact  
    Lipase(Glyceride Hydrolase)refers to the enzyme can which can catalyze and hydrolyze natural lipid produced by organisms. Lipase has a wide range of source; it can be extracted from animal, plants, and microorganism fermentation. Our lipase is extracted from microorganism fermentation.
Because oil exists widely in animals and plants, which make the lipase be applied in leather, textile, pharmaceutical, brewing, food, animal and plant component extraction, fertilizers and biological resources, In fact, it can be applied in all industry field.
Because fat of organisms always stays together with starch, cellulose, xylan, glucan, protein, pectin and other complex polymer molecules. So, cellulase can hydrolyze fat for using only, but the more effective way to hydrolyzing cellulose is the mixed use with other relative enzymes, in which the use-cost will be reduced. 
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