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There are two kinds of Lipase enzyme ,Food grade : feed Grade

As to the Lipase enzyme , there are Food grade and Feed Grade . You will get the image from this two Words . The important difference is component . As  the feed grade moisture is much more that food grade . Any future question please feel free to contact  

1g lipase(or 1ml),on the condition, ph=7.5, temperature=40°C, lipase hydrolyze background to produce 1μmol titratable fatty acid ,equal to 1 unit of activity.
Lipase produced by our company is derived from the fermentation and refinement of candia lipolytica, and conform to the relative standards.
The range of enzyme activity is from 20,000u/ml (g)-30,000u/ml (g).Use method

It is proper to be mixed in the raw materials after the product dissolved and diluted with appropriate process water.

Use conditions:PH:5.0-9.0
Temp: 35-75°C Regularly, the effect is proportional to enzyme quantity, temperature in reacting time, range and the proper stirring strength.


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