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Advance technical to feed animal choose Protease enzyme

         Now , there are lots dangerous around our life .Car accident, air and water pollution, industrial pollution ect attract us .Especially the food , we can not see the dangerous with our eyes . But it is Most important dangerous for our life. They add chemical to the food and feed animal with chemical to get much more profit . It is not unfair to customers . Now , Aodier Grop(  develop one environment enzyme for Animal . it is Protease enzyme . The Neutral Protease is a solid enzyme produced by submerged fermentation from Bacillus Subtilis according to the specification of GB/T23527-2009 (China). It is widely applied in detergent, leather depilation and softening, silk degumming, toothpaste, soap, baking, brewing industry, dairy product, animal feed, medicine industry and etc.

One gram of solid Neutral Protease powder at 30°C and pH 7.5 hydrolyze casein in one minute to produce 1μg tyrosine is defined as one enzyme activity unit and marked with u/g.

1. Neutral Protease can efficiently hydrolyze the protein into peptone and peptides and finally into free amino acids.

2. Optimum temperature: 40-50°C Optimum pH: 6.5-7.5

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