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cellulase enzyme production aspergillus niger-Aodier enzyme

cellulase enzyme production aspergillus niger-Aodier enzyme

product description

Cellulose is an unbranched glucose by the 1,4-bD- glucoside key link in dry D- glucose polymer. Such glycosidic bonds can be hydrolysed by cellulolytic enzymes. Cellulase native structure is irregular and non-crystalline regions composed of crystals.
Product Principle

Cellulase refers to synergistically act on cellulose β-1,4-glucoside bond the cellulose degradation into short fibers, cellobiose and glucose, a group of enzymes collectively. Including optionally cutting the cellulose molecule of β-1,4 glycosidic bonds β- endo-glucanase; non-reducing end from a start cutting β-1,4 glycosidic bonds into cellobiose dextran exo-β- carbohydrases; cellobiose was decomposed glucose β- glucosidase. ʱ??
Product Features
1. Temperature Range: the effective temperature range 30-75 ℃, the optimum temperature range of 55-60 ℃.
2.PH Range: effective pH range of 4.3-6.0, and the optimum pH range of 4.5-5.0.
Product Properties

1. Product Specifications: white powdery solid 20000,100000,200000u / g; food-grade solid enzyme activity 400000u / g.
2. The definition of enzyme activity: 1g solid enzyme (or 1ml liquid enzyme), at 50 ℃, ph4.8 conditions, 1h hydrolysis of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose substrate, produces an amount of reducing sugar equivalent to 1mg of glucose, 1 enzyme activity unit, with u / g (or u / ml) represents.
Application Method

1. feed complex enzyme, cellulase can improve feed digestibility and significantly improved livestock weight gain, milk production and egg production, improve disease resistance and the ability to adapt the environment. Recommended dosage 0.03-0.1kg / t feedstock (100,000 units in dollars).
2. In the textile industry, the enzyme is used after silk / linen knits finishing surface hairiness can be hydrolyzed, to remove fabric prickle, but do not damage the purpose of silk; it also works well with light, from the technology fast, backstaining requirements not high denim fabric, the fabric has good softness and drape, permanent anti-pilling, pilling effect. Add a small amount as a recommended starting point of the experiment (10 million units count): 0.5-2.0% (owf), pH4.5-5.5, temperature 45-55 ℃, liquor ratio 1: 10-25, 30-60 minutes ʱ??
3. In the production of liquor or cassava alcohol production solid state fermentation, the enzyme can degrade cellulose sugars, promoting the release of cell contents, increase liquor yield, the proposed addition of (enzyme activity of 100,000 units in dollars) is 0.15-0.25kg / t raw material. Add fermentation or saccharification.
4. extraction of the active ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine, the enzyme can destroy the cell walls of dense structure, accelerate the dissolution of pharmaceutical active ingredients, improve the extraction rate of pharmaceutical active ingredients. Recommended addition amount 0.05-0.2kg / t raw material (enzyme activity of 10 million units count), pH4.5-5.5, temperature 40-50 ℃, temperature 40-50 ℃, soak 60-120 minutes. For best results, it is recommended for use with pectinase.
5. cellulase can improve the juice yield, can soften the fruit and vegetables and other plant swollen tissue, can promote soybean peeling, it can also be applied to the above sectors. Add a small amount as a recommended starting point of the experiment 0.05-0.4L / t pulp (the enzyme activity of 10 million units dollars), maintaining the appropriate temperature and pH conditions for 1-5 hours.
Packaging and Storage

Solid cellulase 20kg / box, 25kg / bag, according to customer requirements for packaging. This product is a biologically active substance, high temperature, strong alkalis, strong acids can cause enzyme inactivation. Therefore, in transportation and storage, avoid sun exposure and rain, stored clean, cool and dry place.
Technical Support

Shandong Weifang Odile creatures will assist you in the proper use of the product.

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