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Lipase manufacturer-Aodier lipase

Lipase manufacturer-Aodier lipase description

Insoluble in water and soluble in organic solvents biological macromolecules are called fat. Fats and oils are composed of two molecules: glycerol (a hydroxyl group formed by the three carbon alcohol) and three fatty acid was formed by the dehydration. Because they consist of three fatty acid composition, therefore, called triglycerides.

Involved in the animal's body fat composition, it is an important energy supply, energy storage material, to provide essential fatty acids are essential nutrients for the animal. After the fat into the body, through the effect of digestive enzymes break down into glycerol and mono- or di-esters of fatty acids. Part of the fatty acids are absorbed by the body, involved in energy metabolism, regulate physiological functions, to ensure the healthy growth of the body, and to meet the demand for livestock specific growth stage energy; the other part fatty acid back into fat, distributed in the body, to prevent excessive heat scattered outside, and protection, fixed organs. Studies have shown that dietary lipids must lipases break down the body of livestock and poultry in order to be digested, absorbed and utilized all kinds of animals and control of the lipase fat digestion and absorption, fat reconstruction and lipoprotein metabolism and other processes. Lipase as feed additives used in animal farming has broad application prospects.

1. Supplementary animal endogenous digestive enzyme deficiency in young animals gastrointestinal development is imperfect, inadequate secretion of lipase, an enzyme by exogenously added fat can improve digestion and absorption of fat, improve digestion, lay the foundation for the growth of the late basis.
2. improve feed digestibility and utilization of fat, improve feed efficiency, reduce energy costs feed fat provides 2.25 times the carbohydrates, the actual production, often meet animal requirements for higher energy density by adding fat, these fat to fat enzyme digestion decomposition can be digested and absorbed through the cell membrane, the addition of exogenous lipases can improve the utilization of these animal fats and oils, improve animal performance.
3. improve animal performance, improve meat quality content and quality of dietary fat in swine carcass fat content and quality of the largest, by adding lipase in the diet can improve digestion and absorption of fat and increase muscle fatty acid content between enhance meat color, marbling, water holding capacity, tenderness, flavor, etc., in order to improve meat quality.
 4. Promote the fat-soluble vitamins and other trace elements absorption and utilization.
Technical Parameters

Activity: 100000U / g.
Appearance: white to yellow powder, moisture ≤10%.
Activity is defined: 1g solid enzyme powder (or 1mL liquid enzyme), at 40 ℃, pH7.5 under the conditions, 1min substrate hydrolysis produce fatty acids titrated 1umol, namely an enzyme activity unit.

1. 10000U / g activity basis, with dietary recommendations 100-200g / t, concentrates, premixes added proportionally.
2. Can be directly added to the original formula, based on, but also in reducing the after 50kcal / kg energy addition, feeding effect to or better than the original formula.
Packaging and Storage

Packing: 25kg / bag, can also be packaged according to customer requirements.
Storage: dry, ventilated, cool place, avoid high temperature storage. After opening out on time, if not a one-time run out, sealed.
Shelf life: original packaging shelf life of 12 months.

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