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lactase enzyme dietary supplement-Aodier enzyme

lactase enzyme dietary supplement-Aodier enzyme

Product description

Odile microbial agent is a microbial product that contains a variety of high concentrations of high activity beneficial microbial flora, through the soil to absorb nutrients, especially potassium and phosphate present in the (PO43-) outstanding absorption of phosphorus. And the transfer of these nutrients to the roots of the plant to make up for poor growth defects. These beneficial biological bacteria form a symbiotic relationship with the plant and stimulate plant roots and increase the root absorption area branches, played nitrogen fixation, Phosphate, Potassium, promoting plant root growth and protect plants from pathogens infringement action .

Product Features

1. The effective degradation of beans feed α- galactosidase class "flatulence factor" stachyose, raffinose, etc., to reduce the incidence of diarrhea and flatulence, improve digestion and absorption of nutrients.
2. excessive inhibition of intestinal microbial fermentation, amine, cresol and other harmful substances in the intestine reduction, while improving endogenous protease activity, promote the production of peptide substances, control diarrhea caused due to indigestion feed.
3. synergies with a variety of enzymes, destroy the cell wall structure, promoting the release of intracellular nutrients.
The degradation of oligosaccharides and derivatives thereof, to prevent bacteria in the gut gathered alleviate the body of toxic pathogens involved in the body's immune regulation, enhance immunity.


PH: The α- galactosidase product optimum pH of about 5.5, in the pH range 4-7.5 range, holding more than 60% relative activity, to better meet the livestock gastrointestinal tract play a role.
Temperature range: The α- galactosidase product optimum temperature around 55 ℃, a temperature in the range of 45-60 ℃, holding more than 60% relative activity.
Acid resistance: The α- galactosidase product pH: 3-7 conditional processing under 4h, relative activity remained above 85%, good acid resistance, can withstand the acidic digestive environment of livestock, and thus play a role.
Heat resistance: temperature range at 30-60 ℃ conditional processing 10min, this α- galactosidase enzyme activity of the product remains more than 60%.

Technical Parameters

Activity: 2000U / g
Forms and traits: white to yellowish green powder, 40 mesh sieves through rate ≥90%, moisture ≤10%.
Activity is defined: at pH5.5,37 ℃ condition, released per minute from 5mmol / L p-nitrophenol -α-D- galactopyranose 1mmol of the amount of enzyme degradation nitrophenol as an enzyme needed living unit U.


This product is usually associated with mannan single enzyme used in conjunction with other enzymes. In 2000U / g calculated dietary recommendations with 10-30g / t, concentrate, premix added proportionally.
Packaging, storage and shelf-life
Packing: 25kg / drum or 25kg / bag.
Storage: Store in a recommendation 0 ℃ -10 ℃ cold storage.
Shelf life: 6 months.

Technical Support

Odile Weifang Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. will assist you in the proper use of the product

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