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phytase enzyme in poultry feed-Aodier phytase enzyme

product description

 Odile is a phytase enzyme activity and stability, excellent properties of high activity enzymes, mainly for feed additives, can effectively release phytate phosphorus in feed to improve the utilization of phosphorus, saving exogenous inorganic phosphorus. Of which 200,000 phytase enzyme is applied to the enterprise, from matching feed premix plant enterprise and high activity products.

Product Features
1. Eliminate the anti-nutritional effects of phytic acid in feed, enhance the role of the rate of phosphorus.
2. The release phytate-bound minerals, proteins, etc., to improve its bioavailability.
3. To improve animal feed intake and weight gain, improve animal performance.
4. Alternative feeds some inorganic phosphorus, saving feed costs.
5. Reduce animal fecal excretion of phosphorus, reduce environmental pollution.
PH: The optimum phytase product PH value of about 4.5, in the PH3.5-5.5 range, holding more than 60% relative activity, there is a wide scope of PH, can adapt to different environments and play a role in the digestive tract.
Temperature: This product is an optimum temperature at about 60 ℃.
Acid resistance: good acid resistance of the phytase product, in the range of PH3-7, the relative activity of holding more than 90%.
Heat resistance: The phytase product in the range of 30-55 ℃, holding more than 80% relative activity.
The company's products mainly include: 5000u / g (ml), 10000u / g (ml), 50000u / g, 100000u / g, 200000u / g.
Packaging and Storage
The solid product 25 kg / box, can be based on customer requirements, stored in a dry, airy, clean place, avoid high temperature storage, solid product at room temperature shelf life of 12 months, the liquid product is recommended to store in a cool environment, shelf life 6 months.
Technical Support
Shandong Weifang Odile creatures will assist our customers with the use of this product.

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