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Glucoamylase manufacturer-Aodier

Glucoamylase, also known as glucose amylase, glucoamylase is a customary name, scientific name α-1,4- glucohydrolase (α-1,4-Glucan glucohydrolace). More used alcohol, starch sugar, monosodium glutamate, antibiotics, citric acid, beer and other industries as well as liquor, wine. Glucoamylase by Aspergillus good bacteria (Aspergilusniger) by submerged fermentation extracted from.

Glucoamylase manufacturer-Aodier.
Product Principle

Glucoamylase, also known as glucoamylase, it can from the non-reducing end of starch hydrolysis of α-1,4-glucoside bond to produce glucose, but also to ease the hydrolysis of α-1,6-glucoside bond converted into short linear polysaccharide.
Product Features

1. Temperature range: the effective temperature range 40-70 ℃, the optimum temperature range of 60-65 ℃.
2. PH value range: the effective pH range of 3.0-5.5, and the optimum pH range of 4.2-4.6.
Product Properties

1. Product Specifications: liquid type of transparent liquid, into 100000u / ml, 300000u / ml; solid type of 100000u / g. Liquid enzyme pH (25 ℃): 3.0-5.0, density: ≤1.20g / ml; solid enzyme fineness (0.4mm standard sieve through rate): ≥80%.
2. Definition of enzyme activity: 1mg 1g enzyme solution or enzyme powder at 40 ℃, PH value under the conditions of 4.6, 1h hydrolysis of soluble starch to produce glucose 1mg, is a unit of enzyme activity, symbol: u / ml (u / g).
3. Standard: implementation of People's Republic of China National Standard GB8276-2006.

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